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We are A Bundle of Sticks

A chance for like-minded people to share their stories and hardships, letting them be heard to support and inspire others who feel frightened and scared to come out of the closet.

Their stories were able to help inspire and open up the minds of the world that think it is a choice to make your life just that little bit harder. For all of us, this isn’t a choice but this is a chance to let our voices be heard, to inspire those who feel frighten and afraid to tell them it’s okay to be gay and it does get better.

Make a change, share your story.
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Issue One

As LGBT Pride comes to a close, we remember the Stonewall uprising that took place 50 years ago and the power of standing together, however, we can’t help but think there’s a lot more work that needs to be done.
In todays society we are still faced with the minority of people who believe it is a choice to be gay and to make our life that little bit harder.

The writers in this issue each share a very different and vulnerable narrative, however, are all face with the same struggle of acceptance.
Hear from Sam, a man who lets us live through his upbringing at 24 years old in The Bronx, NY during 1978 or Carlos who tells the story of religion being at the forefront of his family. We also hear from Georgia who always knew she was different and found herself drawn to the opposite sex and Jasmin who was “just one of the lucky ones”. Each story will leave you knowing the world is so much brighter outside the closet.
Use Issue One to spark a conversation and make a change. 

My biggest fear was to live a life and not be honest with my family about who I really was, I owed it to myself to be happy and remember that we only have one life, so make it count.
— Geolian Coleiro
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